AV21JAPAN – Membership
Non-members can also order Japanese-Videos/ DVDs  from us .
However, AV21 Members are able to get Japanese-goods at an Member's  PRICE
Our prices are showing like .... 6000 / 8000yen ...
In such case, members can take 6000yen and others ( non-members) have to take 8000yen.
Your membership will expire and no more available in following cases.
* The lapse of membership *
(1) The end of membership period. ( automatically).
(2) In the case we cannot email you anything..
Replying email will be Internet-ERROR email for any reason.
If you changed your email address,postal address or credit card, you have to inform us soon via email, [[ MAIL : AV21 Japan / Office21 ]]
(3) In a case of that we cannot get OK authorization
from your credit card company, MASTER or VISA. In such case, we will notice you via email. 
When you first place an order to us, you can ask us for membership option.
Member ship Register FORM
You can do this by E-mail 
to AV21 / Office 21 Japan - [SecureMAIL] * (at other site:          
If You will pay by United States International Postal Money Order or pay by Credit card,(MASTER or VISA )
You can offer us only membership register at first.
The membership fees are: ( the same in the case of Renewal.)
1,900 yen for 6 months (or)
2,900 yen for 12 months
We can add this fee to the invoice the first time you order. Only the first time !
If you will pay by your credit card for this membership fee, please remember our name on your credit card bill, it's TSS * Tokyo Syupan Service co.
( The fee is for every six or twelve-month period. We do not return membership charge when you stop ordering from AV21 or even if you delete your membership by yourself.)
After your membership available period, your membership will expire automatically, and after then you will not be an our members. If you will renew for 6 months or 12 months more, you have to apply us via email. to ... [[ MAIL : AV21 Japan / Office21 ]]

You will save money when ordering Videos/DVDs because we give our members a special price.
The price charged for a member is even lower than non-member's price !
If you become a member , AV21 , We will give you a member-ID you can use when ordering. 
If you have any questions or inquiries , please ask us
[[ SecureMail to AV21 - Office21 Japan ]] >>> >>>    (at other site:   

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